Hygenex is a subsidiary of infection control company DDC Dolphin, who have 30 years of experience in medical-grade sanitation solutions.

As a relatively new brand, it was important for Hygenex to build an online presence quickly, while also having the ability to attract buyers from a wider set of sectors including healthcare, education, dentistry and beauty.

Intergage’s long-standing relationship with DDC Dolphin meant it was well-equipped to work with the subsidiary company and get an online presence up and running quickly, to support the brand. Hygenex would also need support with collateral, brand design, advertising, PR and messaging.

The solution

Working to a tight timeframe, we got to work on building a brand for Hygenex. This included:

  1. Understanding the relevant market sectors and developing strong sales messaging, alongside a communication strategy, to put Hygenex on the target audience’s radar.
  2. Developing a brand identity and a website as an initial online presence. This would be grown gradually using data collected to inform decisions on website and content changes.
  3. Creating a content plan to reach the target audience, position Hygenex as a thought leader and ensure Hygenex is visible when the target audience is searching for its products and services.

The journey

Market research

While DDC Dolphin is well established in the healthcare sector, Hygenex needed to appeal to a wider audience. We carried out in-depth research to identify how big those new markets were, who the main competition is, who the key buying personas are and how they purchase products like Hygenex.

Developing the brand

The initial logo created for Hygenex needed some improvements. We worked with the key stakeholders at Hygenex to develop the brand. This was then rolled out across social media channels, digital advertising, product collateral and of course, the website. It was important for the brand to be simple and relatively similar to that of its parent company, while also being identifiable as a brand itself.


Building the website

Hygenex needed to launch quickly and that meant a fast turnaround on producing an ecommerce website. We used our launch pad platform to build a slick but simple website to act as an online brochure and a point of purchase. Again, it was important that this was simple and quick so we could start generating enquiries and gathering data.


Building a content strategy

In today’s online marketplace, a stand-alone website simply isn’t enough. Hygenex has invested in content creation to answer common user questions and drive more visits to the site. The market and keyword research undertaken at the beginning of this project was used to inform the content created, ensuring that Hygenex appeals to the target market and appears for the terms they use. The content strategy also included a PR rollout for the new brand as well as the creation of digital adverts to be used on key channels for the target audience.


What does Hygenex think?

Over the years, Intergage has become a trusted marketing partner for us so they were the obvious choice when it came to the Hygenex project.

The team really took the time to get to know the target audience so they were well-equipped to advise on messaging, brand and the website and went above and beyond to ensure everything was delivered on time and to a high standard. We look forward to continuing to work with Intergage in the future!

Zoe Allen, Marketing Director at Hygenex

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