The challenge

Astutis has flourished into a £5 million turnover company in eight years. A dedicated health and training company specialising in NEBOSH and IOSH courses, Astutis had grown by driving traffic to a website designed and built by Intergage using our content management system.

Its internal marketing team has successfully driven lead generation and sales through a heavy investment in paid search and a solid SEO methodology.

However, in a very competitive market, organic traffic had plateaued, and paid search was delivering a smaller ROI as costs continued to rise.

The need to change what they were doing was an imperative to meet challenging growth goals.

The solution

Working collaboratively with the marketing team to fully understand the business objectives and current challenges, it became clear that a three-pronged approach was required:

1. A more focused approach – investing significant effort in one opportunity at a time to create a faster ROI

2. Increase incremental organic traffic to generate more leads and reduce the reliance on costly advertising campaigns

3. Make more of each enquiry – especially those not yet ready to buy – through effective lead nurturing.

The journey

Developing an inbound methodology

The content tools within HubSpot enabled us to create a clear and focused content strategy aimed at driving incremental, top-of-funnel traffic to the site.

The marketing automation tools enabled us to create lead-nurturing campaigns – making the most of every opportunity by providing each prospect with content relevant to their stage in the buying cycle.

Automating processes

Implementing HubSpot marketing automation technology served to automate more repetitive tasks, effectively scaling marketing capacity. This new approach provided Astutis with the chance to review and improve its lead nurturing.

Understanding and creating personas

We worked with Astutis to craft and develop existing personas to make sure they were accurate and complete.

Keyword review and planning

Next we built an array of targeted keywords based on how the various personas might search at each stage of their journey.

As a direct result, search engines were able to deliver relevant Astutis content to each searcher.

Building the content strategy

In order to capture the attention of Astutis’ prospects online, we crafted high-quality, educational content tailored to their specific needs and interests.

Carrying out an audit of existing content, we understood the gaps and what needed to be created to make the campaigns effective. We then produced top of the funnel (TOFU) content and highly educational pillar pages which are aligned to the needs and buying cycle of their personas

This reorganisation and content creation had a massive effect in organic search which in turn brought more relevant prospects to the site website and in turn increased lead generation activity.

Finally, as these leads reach the bottom of the sales funnel and are potentially ready for a purchase, we used content to start qualifying them as ready to purchase.

Automating the process

We worked with Astutis to create complex workflows, automating the entire process from site visitor to qualified lead. These workflows encourage Astutis prospects through their buying journey until they are ‘sales ready’.

The results


increase in organic search


increase in lead generation within six months

What does Astutis think?

What we've achieved over the last three years working with Intergage shows just how effective this team is helping a business grow. Intergage have played a critical role in helping us choose the right software growth stack for our business that ultimately allowed us to achieve our growth goals. Hubspot has proved itself to be an essential tool in automating all the repeat tasks that would otherwise clog up our day.

Ruth Williams, Astutis Head of Marketing


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