A Joined-Up Approach To Complex Sales

B2B buyers are struggling to buy.
Now you can find out why.

Closing B2B sales no longer hinges on getting a single buyer to sign on the dotted line.

Instead, committees are formed, research takes place and alternative solutions are assessed before your prospects even ask for a proposal. There is more opportunity than ever for your buyers not to take action.


of purchases have four or more people scrutinising the decision (Mediafly).


of buyers experience a cancelled purchase cycle, ending in "no decision" (Gartner).


of buyers indicate that their top internal decision-making challenge is dealing with multiple stakeholders with different agendas (Mediafly).

of all purchases require prior central approval and 38% of new purchases require an RFP (Challenger B2B Buyer Study).

The last thing you need is lead generation.

Unlike most agencies you've dealt with, our systematic strategies go beyond lead generation. When you partner with us you'll get a roadmap that aligns your team around:


At the core, we help you win better business by enabling your buyers.

Our buyer enablement pathway is designed to help you get closer to your prospects and customers to help them through the buying journey. The buyer enablement pathway is designed to help you better understand your prospects and position you as the only option when they're ready to buy - it's baked into all of our GOLD packages.



Experience is everything

Our industry experience is hard won and openly shared.

Our client experience wins trust from day one.

Our client's experience wins better business.

Business-to-business services.
People-to-people support.

We’re proud of our personnel. An approachable bunch who like nothing more than obsessing over your buyers’ needs (so you don’t have to). Need proof? Just read our reviews or talk to any member of the team.

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How does your approach differ from traditional lead generation services?

Our strategies go beyond 'vanity insanity' so that your team is aligned around broader business goals. We want to help you win better business, not grow leads that don't turn into closed deals.

How does your Buyer Enablement Pathway work in practice?

Like an Underground line, the pathway has nine 'stops' - ideally the train stops at every one. Each section completed provides you with more knowledge and resources for ensuring your buyers are empowered, and you are guided through them by our experts here at Intergage.

Do you have a dedicated account manager or team that will be responsible for our account?
Every one of our clients has a dedicated team working on their account, managed by a project manager. You'll be able to communicate with the team on a regular basis via email, Teams, or Zoom.