With any new software, it can be hard to know where to start. You don’t want to miss any details. You need a smooth transition to your new software. Working with a HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner means that you can rely on our experience.

There are a number of settings and processes that you need to have outlined before you start using HubSpot. Our proven roadmap ensures that none of those details are missed – so you get the maximum return for your investment as quickly as possible.

We'll work with you to create a bespoke plan so you can get started on generating inbound leads.


The process

Week 1

You'll be introduced to your HubSpot team and set your goals and objectives collaboratively. We'll put together a bespoke plan for your onboarding, identify quick wins and where you'll need the most support.

Weeks 2 + 3

Your dedicated team will start the technical set-up of your HubSpot portal to ensure you get the most out of the platform and it's ready to use as soon as possible. We'll work with you to ensure your data is in a fit state to be added to the system and start thinking about how you might want to segment your data to achieve the best results.

Week 4

Most of the technical set-up will be done by now so we'll move on to creating your buyer personas. This is a key stage in any inbound strategy and will inform how the software is used and which campaigns you'll create first.

Weeks 5 - 8

We'll work with your team to ensure that sales and marketing are aligned and identify a process that takes your leads from first contact to closed deals. Your team will be trained on how to use the system so they're ready to process all the leads you generate!

Weeks 9 - 12

Month three will consist of launching your first campaign – including landing pages, emails and content offers. Your dedicated team will be there to ensure everything runs smoothly. All you have to do is wait for the leads to roll in!

Ongoing Support

Most clients we onboard on to HubSpot want ongoing support to create further campaigns, get the most out of the software and help maintain the database. Your HubSpot team will act as your in-house HubSpot resource so you always know you'll be able to deliver Gold-level campaigns.


Why use a HubSpot partner for onboarding?

HubSpot offers direct onboarding for all its products. But onboarding with HubSpot directly means you may not get as much support as you would with a HubSpot Partner.

Onboarding directly with HubSpot usually includes weekly calls with a member of the HubSpot team where you'll be set homework to complete for the next call.

Onboarding with a HubSpot Partner means you get more hands-on support and have less homework to do yourself. We have listed some of the typical onboarding steps below to give you some idea of what you can expect:

  • setting up your tracking code for website analytics in Google Analytics
  • connecting your existing CRM to the HubSpot platform or setting up the HubSpot CRM
  • creating custom contact properties which are unique to your company to ensure your database is enriched and of a high quality
  • setting up sub-domains for your HubSpot pages to sit on
  • building landing pages, thank you pages, emails and contact forms
  • migrating your existing content (such as blog posts and content offers) across to HubSpot.

Having the support of a partner that has helped onboard businesses just like yours means you can have peace of mind that the process will be seamless and nothing will be missed.

What happens when you onboard?

We'll start with a kick-off meeting to confirm your goals and how you will use HubSpot as a business. 

Using this information, we will create a plan to make sure your database is segmented correctly to work seamlessly with your marketing and sales teams.  

Your website and other marketing systems – such as social media and PPC – will be integrated fully with the HubSpot platform so you can use end-to-end reporting.

How long does it take to onboard?

The onboarding process usually takes around 90 days. But this can vary, depending on whether there are migrations or integrations required and whether your data is ready to go into HubSpot.

Onboarding with Intergage includes training for your teams to ensure they are using the software correctly. As HubSpot is a significant investment, we want to work with you to ensure that your teams use every inch of the software.

How much does onboarding cost?

Prices for onboarding vary, depending on the package your business requires. The cost will depend on how you intend to use HubSpot and how much you want us to get involved.

Our onboarding packages start at £2,500 – which is the same if you were to onboard directly through HubSpot. However, onboarding with a HubSpot Partner means you get much more support.

How much work will my business need to do?

As a HubSpot Partner we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you but you will need to do some work. HubSpot works as an add-on to your business so it is vital that everyone knows how to use it properly and is bought into using it. We'd recommend having a dedicated project manager from your business to help bed the software in from your end.



£1,995 /portal

Level: Free & Starter
Hubs: CRM + 1 other Hub
Database Size: < 2500 contacts
App Usage:< 5 apps
Template Setup: No
3rd Party Integrations: No
Training: 2 hour with up to 2 users
Data consultancy: 1 session
Sales pipelines & dealboard setup: Yes
Creation of bespoke filters & lists: No
Chatflows: 1 template Live Chat
CTAs & Forms: 2 of each
HubSpot products: No


£3,495 /portal

Level: Starter & Pro
Hubs: CRM + 2 other Hubs
Database Size: < 10000 contacts
App Usage:< 15 apps
Template Setup: HubSpot Templates
3rd Party Integrations: No
Training: Half day with up to 5 users
Data consultancy: 2 sessions
Sales pipelines & dealboard setup: Yes
Creation of bespoke filters & lists: Yes
Chatflows: 3 Live chats
CTAs & Forms: 5 of each
HubSpot products: No


£5,995+ /portal

Level: Pro & Enterprise
Hubs: CRM, Sales, Marketing & Service
Database Size: 10000+ contacts
App Usage: 15+ apps
Template Setup: HubSpot and Bespoke Templates
3rd Party Integrations: Yes
Training: 1 day session with unlimited users
Data consultancy: 5 sessions
Sales pipelines & dealboard setup: Yes
Creation of bespoke filters & lists: Yes
Chatflows: 5 Live chats
CTAs & Forms: 10 of each
HubSpot products: Yes

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