The challenge

Clamason Industries is a leading manufacturer of precision metal pressings with 70 years’ experience in global manufacturing and export markets.

With a strong and long-established reputation, Clamason had brilliant relationships with existing customers but struggled to showcase capabilities and products due to their bespoke nature. Driving relevant traffic to the site was also a challenge which was bottlenecking Clamasons’ success.

The solution

Marketing Opportunity Analysis

As with many great journeys, we started by looking at the data in a full Marketing Opportunity Analysis (MOA). This allowed us to get under the skin of how Clamason Industries’ digital marketing was performing so we knew where efforts needed to be placed. The MOA revealed a number of opportunities including:

  • A lack of strong competition in search engines, leaving space for Clamason Industries to grow online market share and boost organic visibility.
  • Implementing stronger sales messaging to make Clamason’s proposition clear to potential buyers while also resonating with the challenges of potential customers.
  • Improving thought leadership content to help answer common user questions and rank for product and service-related terms – something the competition was not doing!
  • Utilising paid search to reach prospects actively looking for Clamason Industries’ services.

Sales Messaging Workshop

We then worked with key stakeholders at Clamason Industries to fully understand their audience, buying triggers and challenges in order to develop a set of pertinent sales messages.

As with many manufacturing companies, long sales cycles and complex buying decisions involving several decision makers were challenges for Clamason Industries. This meant that sales messaging needed to appeal to different personas while also guiding prospects through a complex buying journey.

The outcome

Having worked with Clamason Industries on building the foundations for a successful marketing strategy, we are now collaborating with the team on an ongoing basis with an aim to:

  • increase conversions through the site
  • generate enquiries through paid search
  • improve organic visibility
  • increase online share of voice.

The results


increase in organic traffic YoY


increase in website goal conversions within six months


potential lead acquisition

What does Clamason Industries think?

Working with Intergage Marketing Engineers has been pivotal to our digital marketing success. The team have truly made the effort to understand us as a business and shine light on the areas of our marketing that we haven’t looked at in detail before. Their thorough approach means no stone is left unturned and so far, we are delighted with the results.

Anna-Marie Mullins, Marketing Manager at Clamason Industries

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