Growth-Driven Design Websites

How would you describe the traditional website redesign process?

  • Frustrating?
  • Uninspiring?
  • Expensive?
  • Lengthy?
  • Unpredictable?
  • Challenging?

That’s because traditional website design is broken. Often it involves investing a huge amount of time and effort upfront...which frequently leads to making subjective decisions that can have a detrimental effect on your website’s results.

The process is tiresome and frustrating. Often you wish you’d never started the process in the first place…

Growth-driven design is different

Growth-driven design (GDD) is a smart approach to web design that focuses on getting websites live fast and using data to optimise results. It has three main stages:
Every successful website starts with a focused strategy. At this stage, we aim to develop a strong understanding of your customer’s needs and challenges so the website can be built to serve them. This information – together with your business objectives – allows us to create the winning recipe for your website.
Launch pad
Using this data, we quickly build a launch pad website. This site will be a simple foundation to build on – but it will look and perform better than the site you already have.
Continuous improvements

As soon as your launch pad site is live, we start collecting data. This data will be used to inform how to develop the site for best results. This means your content, site structure and page architecture are all informed by the way in which your target customers use the site. This methodology allows you to validate assumptions and reserve most of your budget for making high-impact changes to your site.

Growth-driven design and the HubSpot CMS

HubSpot is an ideal platform to carry out a growth-driven design approach because:

  • its readily available marketplace themes are quick and easy to customise.
  • the intuitive user experience makes it easy to apply high-impact changes to your site.
  • its built-in reporting means you can identify opportunities to improve results quickly.
Our HubSpot experts are readily available to help run your next growth-driven design project. Their experience with HubSpot’s software and growth-driven design mean you can expect fast value and excellent results from your next project.


How long does the growth-driven design process take?

As always, the length of time the project will take depends on how big your website is and what products ad services you are pushing. On average, it would take around 70 days to get your initial launch pad site live. After this, improvements will be made continually.

How much does a growth-driven design website cost?

Again, this depends on how big your site is and what features it has. Typically, there will be an investment upfront to get your launch pad site live, followed by a monthly retainer which will pay for continuous changes and improvements.

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