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 If you’re looking for B2B marketing classes then you’ve come to the right place.

Since it first began in 2003, Intergage has been offering training courses. Back then, it was just training in how to use our Content Management System (CMS) however, now, we offer a wealth of different courses for people with different levels of marketing expertise.


The Intergage team is a group of marketing nerds (does anybody know the collective noun for nerds?) and there’s nothing they enjoy more than passing on what we have learnt through classes and courses.

But things have changed since those early days. We used to offer websites and digital marketing services to anybody that approached us. Over time we have come to specialise solely in business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

Until the end of 2016, we will continue to offer the current marketing courses:

  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Paid Advertising
  • Twitter for Business
  • Facebook for Business
  • Secrets to successful PR
  • LinkedIn for Business
  • Content Creation
  • Online Marketing Analysis
  • Social Media Strategy

However, since becoming solely B2B focused we are re-organising how we deliver this training.


From the beginning of 2017, all our existing courses are being revamped into online webinars. Most of these classes are the simpler “how do you use it” training. From 2017 onwards delivering these courses as webinars, has various advantages for our customers and for us:

  • There is no need for introductions or coffees, so we can condense the training into an hour.
  • It isn’t so much effort for attendees to stay at their desks for an hour.
  • There’s no travel time or parking involved, meaning less interruption to a busy marketer’s day.
  • Customers based further away from Poole in areas like Manchester or London can still attend.

I think the only downside here is that you don’t get biscuits – at least not ours!

The Plan

So here’s the plan for the 2017 Marketing Classes. Some of the more strategic marketing courses will need more time and will still need to be face-to-face classes. So, here’s the thinking so far:

  • How To Use The Intergage Content Management System – half day classroom course
  • How To Get Traffic To Your Website - one hour overview webinar introducing the following:
  • Organic search - one hour webinar (keywords, meta data, Google, linking, SEO)
  • Paid Search - one hour webinar (AdWords, Display Network)
  • Organic Social - one hour webinar (using the platforms, following, sharing content)
  • Paid Social - one hour webinar (LinkedIn & Facebook advertising)
  • Google Tools - one hour webinar (Google Analytics & Search Console)

A lot of the thinking behind this is based on our experience of training mixed groups of users. Some may have been using the technology for years, whereas others may not even have an account on the social media platforms they are studying.

We will still offer more in depth training courses but these will, instead, be on a one-to-one basis. This approach will allow us to offer a much more consultative style of B2B training.

We are of course about to launch B2B Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation classes too. Currently, the plan is for them to take this kind of shape:

  • Are You Ready For Marketing Automation? - half day workshop
  • Building Your Customer Personas - three half day sessions (with homework)
  • Mapping Out Your Business Processes - one day workshop
  • Building A Marketing Automation Campaign - three half day sessions (more homework!)

Because we have a few months before we finalise the training on offer, we would like to hear from customers and anyone looking for B2B marketing classes as to the types of subject matter that would be most useful.

What class format do you prefer? Do webinars work for you, or are face to face classes needed? And is it important to you to have some sort of certification at the end of it?

Our next free event, Marketing Leaders Lunch is now open for bookings.


Intergage Marketing Engineers

Intergage Marketing Engineers