Bloggers: If You Only Do One Thing Today... Do This!

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There is a lot of work that goes into creating and maintaining a blog.

Choosing your platform, developing its look and feel, applying the most useful apps and widgets, undertaking keyword research, understanding trending topics, “listening” to the Web and ofcourse creating your own content on a regular basis.

Phew –  It can be downright exhausting !

So the last thing any dedicated blogger wants is to put in all this legwork only to receive minimal reader feedback and engagement. Bummer.


Well, apart from spending time on the creation GREAT content (there really is no shortcut for this, nor should there be) surely  it would seem sensible to make it as easy as possible for your readers to leave their feedback and comments, right?

We are all lazy on the Web. We expect everything to work seamlessly. If something is even a little bit taxing we will probably head straight back to Google for our next search – sometimes even the process of logging in can have us running for the hills!

So, if you have a wordpress blog, why not treat yourself to the “Facebook comments for wordpress” app! This really is a fantastic app and can gain huge exposure for your blog starting today!

Once you have installed it you will see a comment box appear at the bottom of your blog post that looks spookily similar to the Facebook comments box.


As long as you are logged into your Facebook account you can leave comments (as a Facebook user) on non-Facebook related blog posts/pages!. These comments will even appear in the commenter’s Facebook feed together with a link to your post  –  thus gaining potentially MASSIVE exposure for your blog!

No logins, no captchas, just a quick and effective way to boost the engagement levels for your blog and land yourself a whole load of useful comments/feedback that can help both your blog, website and business. You can even moderate comments before they appear for that extra layer of safety!

If only everything in life could be so simple…..

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