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The 7 Ps Of A Successful Marketing Campaign

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To aid the launch of a successful marketing campaign you first need to ‘set the scene’. This is achieved through asking questions such as “why are we doing what we’re doing?”; “who are we benefiting?” and “what are the intended outcomes of our campaign?”

The answers to these questions were originally obtained through examining the 4Ps of marketing; Product, Price, Place and Promotion. However as marketing evolved, we realised that actually People (the 5th P) needed to be taken into consideration also. Skip forward to present day and we’ve added Process and Physical Evidence to the mix, rounding us up to 7Ps.

By considering these elements when putting together your Marketing Plan you’ll be able to develop a unique approach to every campaign, which speaks to your audience and responds to their needs. Get these ducks in a row at the beginning and you’ll find long-term success from your campaigns.


First question to ask yourself is, ‘is anyone going to buy this’? Just because you think your rocket ship made of mirrors is an epic idea, it doesn’t mean anyone else will. Provide value for your customer and dedicate time towards understanding what they actually need and not what you think they want. Don’t waste time cramming square pegs into round holes.


Your pricing can dictate your positioning within the market; charge too much and people will lose interest, charge too little and you risk being perceived as cheap and therefore low quality. Make sure you strike a balance within the market and consider your competitors, remembering to add value to your products through offering extras, NEVER discounts.


Whether online, face-to-face or via a high street retailer, ensure convenience to your customers is at the top of your priority list. If your business involves deliveries, continually review your performance. Additionally whether you have a physical location or operate from a website, this is your presence – make sure it looks good and offers the best representation of you.


As the title implies, promotion refers to how you promote your product / service. Whether this is through special offers, celebrity endorsements, advertisements or PR, a business needs to consider all avenues. Turn your campaign into an attention grabber and be sure to deliver a consistent message. Communicate the benefits and don’t forget to educate your internal stakeholders on the value and benefit of your product / service.


Anyone who comes into contact with your customers is an ambassador for your brand. From the sales person to your social media team, the account managers and factory workers – these people need to understand your mission and values, so when communicating with your audience, they leave a positive impression.


Whether we’re talking about an order from an online shop or a project with monthly deadlines, there’s a process involved in everything we do. Your job is to set the right expectations. If you require feedback, let your audience know. If there’s a delay to a service, let them know. Keeping the customer in the loop is a sure fire way of keeping them happy and your eagerness to meet their needs will resonate.

Physical Evidence

This looks at ways you can demonstrate your credibility and worth, so testimonials, case studies, recommendations and feedback; you need to ensure you’re standing out from the crowd. Additionally, Physical Evidence extends to your office space, so ask yourself “Does it look professional and inviting?”. If the answer is no, chances are your audience will see this as a reflection of your ability to meet their needs.

If you would like to know more about the 7Ps and how they apply to your marketing, or if you’re looking for inspiration for a creative campaign, get in touch with one of our traditional nerds and enjoy a brainstorming session over coffee and biscuits.

Mali Brown

Mali Brown

Mali has been with Intergage for 10+ years and works as a Digital Marketing Manager looking after several of our contract clients. She is an expert in marketing automation and is a key member of the HubSpot delivery team.