Your sales and marketing process needs to change

Every company needs regular new orders to survive. But buyer behaviour has changed and now, on average B2B buyers spend as little as 17% of their time speaking to potential suppliers.

Your buyers also like to self-serve. They’re empowered by 24/7 access to online information. That means you need to be visible and available to nurture prospects until they are ready to speak to your sales teams with targeted, timely, relevant content.

So, how can you do all of that on auto-pilot?

With marketing automation.

How can marketing automation help?

Marketing automation is an incredibly powerful tool with the ability to transform sales and marketing departments. Yet, only 22% of manufacturers are using the software. That means you have the chance to gain a huge competitive advantage by implementing marketing automation into your business.



  • Inefficient marketing departments
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Bland, diluted sales and marketing messages
  • Personalised marketing messages and content delivered to the right person at the right time
  • Low lead conversions
  • Nurture prospects on autopilot until they are ready to buy, serving content based on their behaviours/triggers
  • A lack of sales and marketing alignment
  • Better transparency and communication using automated tools and reporting
  • Low lead quality
  • Use marketing automation to qualify bad-fit customers out before they reach your salespeople
  • No proven ROI on marketing spend
  • Closed loop reporting linking marketing content and ROI
  • Poor customer experience
  • Deliver relevant messaging to customers based on behaviours and purchase data

You need a trusted partner

When taking on something as big as marketing automation, it’s important you partner with an experienced guide to help you through the process.

As a Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner, we’ve chartered the marketing automation territory long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. You’re in safe hands!

Your bespoke plan…

People may try to tell you that they’ve done it so many times they’ve got the ‘perfect formula’, but that’s not us. Your business is unique, so your marketing should be too.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ marketing automation plan that will do your business justice. We’ll spend time understanding your goals and developing a plan to meet your specific objectives.

Let us do the hard work

Marketing automation is never finished. That’s why we assign you a dedicated team – so you can be safe in the knowledge that there’s always someone watching, testing and improving your campaigns. Every small change made is designed to give the maximum return on investment.

We lay the foundations

Once we've done our due diligence with you, we lay the foundations. This means setting up the right systems for the right results. Everything is trackable. Everything is reported on. Everything is accounted for. Just as it should be.

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