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It is increasingly difficult to launch your message in a way that cuts through the noise. As a manufacturer, you’re operating in a niche market with high levels of competition. On top of this, engaging with the target customer is more difficult, leads are more expensive to generate and you don’t have enough resource to create the high-quality content you need.

It’s important that you’re able to achieve quick wins while also laying the foundations for long-term growth with your marketing. That’s exactly why Intergage has created the marketing on demand service.

You’ll get access to an entire team of industrial marketing specialists to help with everything from content creation to strategy development and SEO improvements. The service is completely flexible so you get access to the skills you don’t have in-house.

You’ll be in safe hands, our team of experts have 20+ year’s experience providing marketing solutions to manufacturers.

It's a perfect solution for growing your business, whether that means generating new leads or recruiting new employees!

What's included in the marketing on demand service?

The Marketing on Demand service can be as flexible as you want it to be. We'll start by discussing your objectives and creating a bespoke plan to help you meet them. Typically, this will include a mixture of the following:

Content creation

You need content that helps attract, convert and delight your prospects at every touch point they have with you. We’ll help you develop a content plan and create outstanding content that positions you as a thought leader be it emails, blogs, whitepapers, graphics, or video.

Marketing automation

Whether you currently have a marketing automation system in place or not, our marketing engineers will help onboard you to the right system that will help deliver the right messages, to the right decision makers at the right time.

As a Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner we know what works and how you can get the best return from marketing automation.

Technical SEO

Great SEO is crucial for getting in front of your target buyers when they’re looking for your products and services. We can help you build an online presence to be proud of using tried and tested methods. This is more than just creating content and making it mobile friendly. It's ensuring your website is fit for flight.

Digital advertising

Working to get you the best return on your ad spend, we'll use various channels to increase your exposure and generate leads. Your campaigns will be laser focused meaning they strike through the noise and attract your target market.

Graphic design

Your marketing needs to generate results. To do that your assets need to look incredible be it website banners, brochures or infographics. Use the flare of our creative studio to create assets you'll be proud of and designs your prospects won't be able to resist.


500,000 hours of combined digital marketing experience means we've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Lean on our expertise for trusted advice and guidance on your marketing journey.

The process



We carry out in-depth research to fully understand the search landscape of your industry, your competition and your key audiences. We'll do a deep-dive analysis and determine what currently works for you and how your online presence could be improved.



We'll create a content plan that's in-line with your business objectives. You'll know exactly what you're getting and when you can expect it to be delivered. It'll be tailored to your target personas so you can achieve the best results.



Together, we'll create compelling content in a variety of formats that are most engaging for your personas. Using in-house copywriting, graphic design and advertising skills you'll get the perfect balance of expertise for your content plan.



Your content will be published across the most appropriate platforms and at the right times to reach your audience with context.



We'll promote your content across multiple platforms using strong messaging and through organic and paid means to keep you front of mind with your audience and cut throu                                                                   gh the noise.



We'll use insights and tools to analyse the success of your marketing campaigns against your business objectives to continually improve and evolve your marketing. Data is our speciality and we'll use it to help you make informed marketing decisions.

I’ve been working with Intergage Marketing Engineers for years now and I’ve personally found the team very helpful during my first year at MAT Foundry Group. The support they’ve provided has helped me get to grips with how the website functions and they always offer any training I request, even if it wasn’t necessarily in our contract. Their proactive approach and constant communication is very encouraging and shows their commitment to working with us to achieve our aims. Would 100% recommend them to any company looking to improve their website or marketing campaigns.

Nick Bolton, Buyer, MAT Foundry

MRT aim to position ourselves as being innovative in our approach, always applying the latest thinking and technology to provide solutions to our customers. So it’s really important to us that our website, social media activity and marketing resources reflect this approach, always looking contemporary without losing the well-established brand identity.  Intergage Marketing Engineers are constantly refining, optimising and refreshing our material to keep it fresh, and to incorporate improvements as we gain feedback from current and potential customers.

Phil Rawnson, Managing Director, MRT Castings



£2,000 /month

If you're looking to dip your toe in the water, launch a new product or support an existing one, our scale-up retainers allow you to generate results and build the foundations of a great inbound marketing strategy.


Inbound growth

£3,000 - £5,000 /month

If you want a thoroughly planned marketing strategy to tackle every stage of the buyer's journey the Inbound Growth package is what you’re looking for. There's no messing around - it will generate big reaults fast.



£5,000+ /month

If you're aiming for enterprise level lead generation or need director level support creating and delivering an aggressive marketing strategy, you'll want to consider our enterprise retainers.


Does a 351% increase in organic traffic sound like success?

Take a look at how the Marketing on Demand service helped transform MAT Foundry's brand profile...

See for yourself



How long are your retainers?

Retainers tend to be for between 6 and 12 months with a three month break clause.

When will I start to see results?

This completely depends on which level of support you have chosen, how active your current marketing is and how concentrated your industry and marketplace is. You should expect to see early indicators of success within the first six months but we will give you a more solid indication once we have completed the research phase.

How quickly can we start?

We can start as soon as you're ready! There will be an initial research phase so your dedicated team can get to know your business inside out but we're keen to start generating results as soon as possible!

Who will I work with?

You will have a dedicated 'Pod' of marketing engineers working on your contract at all times. We carefully craft our Pods to ensure you have access to a broad range of skills while also matching you up with a team that has the specific expertise to generate you results. 

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