More than 75% of manufacturers report a moderate to severe shortage of skilled workers.

Recruiting new staff in the manufacturing industry is tough. Less candidates, more demand and an aging workforce means there could be a shortage of up to 2 million manufacturing employees in the next decade (Talroo).

It’s likely that recruitment is amongst your top challenges as a manufacturing business. This means you struggle to:

  • Maintain and scale-up business growth
  • Keep up with orders
  • Keep skilled staff you have invested in.

The solution

Just like your marketing, you need a strategy for recruitment that:

  • Outlines who you’re marketing to
  • Builds your employer brand
  • Nurtures candidates before, during and after application
  • Tells stories that matter
  • Sets you apart from the competition.

Recruitment in manufacturing is not going to get easier. Over the next decade, there could be a shortage of more than 2 million skilled workers in manufacturing. Your recruitment strategy shouldn’t be a last-minute scramble to fill positions as and when they arise. You need a long-term strategy to build a pipeline of talent.

Just like any marketing strategy, you’ll need to pull on a number of resources to create content, run digital advertising, nurture leads and measure success. Our recruitment marketing packages give you access to everything you need under the roof of one manufacturing marketing specialist.


We’ll start by understanding your business, the candidates you’re looking to attract and your differentiation as an employer. We’ll put together a full recruitment strategy to target those actively looking for jobs as well as connecting with potential future candidates currently in employment. Our team will also survey and interview your current workforce to to understand why your business is a great place to work!

Sales messaging

Sales messaging is just as important for recruitment as it is for sales. Manufacturing has an incredibly competitive recruitment landscape so you need to stand out from other employers and demonstrate that you know what makes a great workplace. We’ll work with you to deliver a set of pertinent sales messages that makes you magnetic to your target recruits!

Content creation

As always, content is king. Telling potential candidates why you’re a great employer just isn’t enough. You need to show them. We’ll help you use your existing workforce to create compelling stories that demonstrate why your company is a great place to work, for more reasons than salary and working hours. Let’s show off your culture, investment in people and real employee stories!

Digital advertising

With a deep understanding of your target candidates, we will ensure you’re present across the relevant channels. This will enable your to brand get in front of those actively looking for jobs as well as those who will become part of your long-term talent pipeline. Channels typically include Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and programmatic advertising.

Social media

Building your brand on social media platforms is crucial. We’ll help you give potential candidates a tase of what it’s like to work for your company on platforms that they’re familiar with. This will allow you to get in front of those actively searching for jobs while also positioning your company as a great employer brand.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation should be used to create a recruitment flywheel. It’ll help you attract and nurture new talent and use your existing workforce to generate future recruitment opportunities on autopilot. Our marketing engineers will assist you to create systems and processes that make your recruitment efforts as productive as possible.

Intergage fully understood our recruitment challenges and what that meant for us as an organisation in terms of growth. The team put together a campaign that not only allowed us to attract new talent, but also position manufacturing as a great career path for young people which is a challenge in itself! We can always rely on Intergage to understand our challenges and go the extra mile to overcome them!

Shaun Lindfield, Head Of Procurement - MAT Foundry

Recruiting Vs. Recruitment Marketing

More than 60% of the talent you need to recruit are already satisfied in their current job, yet 48% of them will be open to new roles. That means there is a wealth of talent that aren’t actively searching for a new job. You need a recruitment strategy that will allow you to connect with that passive talent, as well as the talent that is actively looking for employment.

This is where recruitment marketing comes in.


Talentlyft’s model explains recruitment marketing perfectly. It focuses on creating a longer-term strategy to attract and nurture potential employees. This means you’re more likely to avoid a recruitment crisis because you have already built a following of potential candidates through great content, laser-focused messaging and enhanced experiences. Sounds just like marketing, right?


As with our marketing packages, we have three options for you to choose from depending on how quickly you’d like to get moving and how ambitious your objectives are.

Starter for 10

£2,000 /month

If you’re looking to dip your toe in the water and solve smaller recruitment issues for an SME, our starter for 10 package is ideal for you.


Ultimate recruitment

£3,000 - £5,000 /month

Want a thoroughly planned recruitment marketing strategy for long term success? The ultimate recruitment package will give you everything you need to build your brand and start creating a talent pipeline that will allow your business to grow.


Enterprise recruitment

£5,000+ /month

If you need help with enterprise level recruitment marketing or need director level support to create an aggressive recruitment strategy, you’ll want to consider our enterprise level solution.


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