SEO For Manufacturers

SEO was voted amongst the top three most successful marketing activities for manufacturing businesses (The Marketing In Manufacturing Report). However, with Google's algorithm constantly changing and your users’ demands evolving it can be difficult to keep on track of where you should be investing your efforts in SEO.

We stay one step ahead of the curve so you don't have to...

SEO is about engineering your website so it is fit for purpose, visible to your prospects and provides the best possible experience to your users.

Having managed SEO for manufacturing companies for 20+ years, we have developed a tried and tested seven-step framework that caters for businesses with long sales cycles and complex products and services.

It’s simple:

1. Find Keywords Your Prospects Search For

We conduct audience and keyword research to uncover which terms your audience uses to find products and services. Along with landscape and competitor data, this is used to build a laser-focused list of target keywords.

2. Publish Content Your Prospects Want To Read

We will then create a content development roadmap based on the key phrases that your prospects are likely to use to find solutions to their problems. We will utilise content pillars, blogs, whitepapers and social media to enhance the reputation of the website and increase the generation of inbound qualified leads from search engines.

3. Optimise That Content For User Experience

This next step is about ensuring the content is easy to read and consume. It is more important than ever to make sure that when you have attracted a visitor to your site that they stay on your site. We use data to inform decisions on how your content should be optimised to improve search engine rankings and website conversions.

4. Implement On-Page SEO Best Practice

Once you have great content optimised for user experience, we carry out the on-page SEO best practices to make sure that the page or hub of content has the correct signposts in place to attract the search engines. This includes ensuring your page titles and descriptions are optimised, not just for SEO, but to attract clicks.

5. Promote Your Content

Now it’s time to share that great content! There are certain things we can do to help promote and share the content via relevant social media channels, industry influencers and through account-based marketing.

7. Monitor And Improve Technical SEO

Intergage Marketing Engineers will look in detail at the health of your current website to ensure that it is technically fit-for-purpose and ensure that it is capable of ranking well in search engines. There is no point adding content to a site that is neither crawlable nor indexable.

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