The challenge

With over 70 years of experience within the engineering and manufacturing industry, MRT Castings leads the way in the production of high-quality aluminium and zinc die casting solutions.

Having been an Intergage client for over 10 years, MRT Castings has experienced a full range of marketing support - from strategy and branding, through to website development, SEO and Social Media.

Despite significant growth over the last few years, there was a need to refresh the overarching brand and ensure that all marketing communications deliver an effective and insightful user experience for all audiences.

The solution

Due to the ongoing success of the company there was far less emphasis on lead generation and conversion and far more importance placed on how the company is presented on platforms such as the website. In order to ensure that all assets were consistent and able to support the marketing moving forwards, we went back to the beginning. This included:

  1. auditing existing brand assets and messaging to ensure relevance
  2. developing new collateral to promote the complete solution MRT delivers
  3. assess and improve the user experience on the website to increase returning visitors.

The journey

Strategy and planning

In order to ensure that all marketing communications were relevant and targeting the right customer, it was essential to develop MRT Castings’ buyer personas – a representation of their ideal customer. By collaborating with the MRT Castings Managing Director, we were able to develop a range of defined personas to support the marketing messages moving forwards.

One key strategic document that needed developing was a Social Media strategy. MRT had historically been more reactive with the Social posts so needed a clear direction and proactive plan.

Build the brand

Realigning the MRT brand was essential to support all marketing moving forward. Collateral and image audits identified what needed to be updated and new iconography, sales materials and branded assets for all communication platforms were developed.

Develop the website

Once the brand had been updated, the new assets needed to be applied to the website. It was also a perfect opportunity to restructure various sections of the site to improve interactions and engagement. In order to improve organic search and ensure that the messaging was reflective of the current product offering, keyword research was undertaken as well as a range of technical SEO updates.

Enhance social media

A robust social media strategy allows the MRT brand to express its position in a clear tone of voice, while actively engaging with its audience in a strategic and highly personable way.

The results


increase in organic search


increase in blog readership


increase in goal completions

What does MRT Castings think?

MRT aim to position ourselves as being innovative in our approach, always applying the latest thinking and technology to provide solutions to our customers. So it’s really important to us that our website, social media activity and marketing resources reflect this approach, always looking contemporary without losing the well-established brand identity. Intergage are constantly refining, optimising and refreshing our material to keep it fresh, and to incorporate improvements as we gain feedback from current and potential customers.

Phil Rawnson, Managing Director at MRT Castings

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