Our Partners: Sandler Training

Teaming up to help you win better business

Sandler and Intergage work together to deliver superlative experiences in marketing and sales with ‘Best in Class’ as the minimum standard. We see customers investing in their success through our closely matched outcome expectations.

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Sandler complements Intergage’s approach by using a robust system to help customers make decisions based on trust. We do this through diagnosis of complex business issues, understanding customer structure, policy and process and delivering specifically on the needs of their organisation.

No smoke or mirrors, we work on the basis of plain truth and equal business stature with our clients.

Unlike most agencies you’ve dealt with, Intergage’s systematic strategies go beyond lead generation, providing you with long-term value through improved customer lifetime value. Likewise, Sandler’s success is built on more than just sales; we create super sellers, managers and business leaders along with hyper-professional peripheral staff who are involved in business delivery and customer success.

Our Shared Values

Truth & Transparency
We believe in the power of honesty in all our partnerships. Being honest and transparent are the cornerstones of our relationship with clients, ensuring open communication, setting realistic expectations, and building mutual trust.
True Sales & Marketing Alignment
Bridging the gap between sales and marketing is imperative to preventing ROI loss. By synchronising strategies and objectives across departments, we foster a collaborative environment that drives our unified goals.
Client-First Approach
We prioritise our clients' needs, crafting bespoke strategies that are not just about meeting but exceeding their expectations. Our expertise ensures tailored solutions that resonate with clients' challenges and ambitions.
"I’ve found the insights [from Roger and Sandler] invaluable, both for my personal sales approach and also for helping to improve our company-wide sales processes here at Intergage."
Nicky Bedwell
Business Development Manager at Intergage and Sandler Selling student

Roger Williams

Roger Williams, a seasoned sales, management, and leadership expert, is committed to the improvement of businesses through helping organisations to greater successes in their business-to-business sales approach.

After 30+ years in automotive retail, professional services and multi-million pound, enterprise technology sales, Roger is a highly regarded coach and team building specialist with an enviable track record in delivering value-based outcomes in every successful engagement.

Notable achievements include Enterprise Sales to global banking, manufacturing, engineering and aerospace clients and building, managing, and developing sales individuals and teams to the highest standards, across the UK and EMEA.