Sales Messaging For Tech & Manufacturing Companies

While all good marketing strategies start with data, it is also crucial to look at the more ‘human’ elements of marketing. Without fully understanding your audience, their challenges, buying triggers and channel usage, you simply can’t target your audience with any meaningful messaging. That means you'll be lost in a sea of other manufacturers who offer similar products.

If you can truly connect with people, you'll be able to improve conversions, stand out from the competition and demand a higher price for your products and services. What's not to like?


At Intergage, we have created a proven process to draw information from you and your team to develop compelling sales messaging. During a half-day workshop, we'll extract the information needed to produce a one-page plan which will outline your:

  • Mission, vision and values
  • Ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • ICP buying team (i.e. the prospects’ decision-makers and influencers)
  • Buying team’s buying process
  • Competitors
  • Your differentiators

This information will then be used to craft beautiful sales messaging which will be a key part of all future marketing campaigns.

What will you get?

  • A three-hour collaborative sales messaging workshop with a senior marketing expert
  • A one-page sales messaging plan
  • A series of pertinent sales messages
"Intergage has really helped us bring our propositions to life. It’s been a really great learning experience! This, coupled with the fact that they’re a genuinely friendly and passionate team, makes Intergage a joy to work with."
Coral Banks
RS Group

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