Team Alignment & Processes

Less than half of forecasted business ends up being closed.*

At this stage, we need to assess how robust your people systems are. This will look at the potential chasms between your sales, marketing and customer service teams.

Often, you won't even be aware these chasms exist - but we're yet to find a business that doesn't have them!

Going through this process will allow you to address the opportunities for failure and bring your three key teams together for ultimate alignment. This means you can expect increased conversion rates, more repeat custom and a harmony between teams you've only been dreaming of.

* Source: CSO Insights.


How we'll help

We'll cover the lifecycle of your prospects from lead to customer and beyond, highlighting where hand-offs can be improved and what tools, SLAs and processes need to be put in place. We'll provide you with:

  • A sales, marketing, and customer service alignment workshop
  • Actionable recommendations to remove friction from between your teams, and in your processes.

When prospects decide to buy, be the only option in mind.

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