Tech Stack Consultation

Does your tech stack help or hinder?

Understanding your marketing and sales tech stack is crucial to plotting where data should go, how much this data can be manipulated and which systems are able to share data with one another.

This is a big part of buyer enablement. Being able to collect and use data from different sources will allow you to deliver personalised experiences for customers, useful insights for your sales team and valuable feedback for marketing.

Not having a solid tech stack in place means the opportunities for failure increase significantly. We want to 'stack' the odds in your favour so your campaigns and content bring in results, which is why we place so much emphasis on this step in the pathway.


How does it work?

Our experienced team will work with you to understand which platforms you have access to, which data sits in those platforms and who has access to them.

Then, we can find the red flags and advise you on which tools you'll need to invest in to achieve your goals. All in all, you'll receive:

  • A tech stack questionaire and analysis
  • A full breakdown and visual of where the opportunities for failure are
  • An action plan for minimising future failures.


What kind of issues or failures can a tech stack analysis uncover?

Our audit can reveal issues such as outdated software, security vulnerabilities, integration challenges, and inefficient workflows that may impact your business performance.

Can you work with our existing IT team to implement the action plan?
Yes, we can collaborate with your IT team to ensure a seamless implementation of the action plan. We can also provide ongoing support and guidance as needed.

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