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More Sales Without More Sales People - The Virtual Sales Presentation

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I rarely post on Intergage products and services but occasionally I get so excited I just have to. Today is one such post.

The Challenge

Imagine you have a new product or service you want to tell your audience about. You have a number of challenges:

  • How can you be as persuasive as possible without recruiting a new sales person or sales team for the job?
  • How can you communicate what the product actually means to different people?
  • How can you put your new proposition to the maximum number of people but do the minimum amount of work possible?
  • How can you do this across multiple channels?
  • How can you know that the message has been received and engage personally with those that find the new proposition interesting?

This is a constant challenge for a technology marketing business like Intergage. We are constantly discovering new tools and technology (and inventing some of our own!)

We have a large client base to communicate with and an ongoing list of businesses with which we would like to have a relationship.

The Solution

This is where the Virtual Sales Presentation comes in.


  • Almost effortlessly (by filling out one online form, once) initiating a multi-channel marketing campaign across direct mail, email, video, telephone and Google advertising.
  • Personalising a video-based presentation to the needs of the prospect in order to demonstrate that you understand their world, their pain and their aspirations and to demonstrate how you helped people like them achieve positive and meaningful change.
  • Knowing who is engaged with the campaign (who watches the video and how often) in order to follow up with those that show real interest
  • Staying part of the prospects’ world and remind them of the presentation they watched and the positive, helpful messages they have received (for as long as you specify), using Google remarketing.

There can be little doubt that video is the most compelling sales tool we have in our armoury (without going to the time and expense of face-to-face selling).  Imagine being able to tailor a hugely persuasive sales presentation to a specific type of prospect or decision maker and knowing that they have received it, watched it and shown it to their colleagues.

In using the tool ourselves we have seen that when people are interested they watch the video presentation several times – 2, 4, 8 or even 10 or more times!

An early adopter of the VSP technology was Taylor Made Computers in Fareham – it won an international marketing award while doubling the sales of its cloud-based back-up solutions by using the product and are looking to do more with the VSP as a result.

Or come along to our next event. 


Paul Tansey

Paul Tansey