Sales Enablement For Tech & Manufacturing Companies

You may struggle with evolving buyer expectations, misaligned sales and marketing teams, high lead generation costs and long sales cycles.

This means:

  • you're not converting the business you need to meet your objectives
  • your sales and marketing teams aren't as effective as they could be
  • you're missing opportunities to convert leads that you've already generated. 

On top of this, the buying process has changed dramatically. Buyers are now empowered by access to all the content they need to inform themselves on a product/service. This means they're spending less time with salespeople - only 17% of the B2B buying cycle is spent with potential buyers opposed to to 27% spent researching independently online. 

Your prospects won't engage with your salespeople until they're ready to do so. Between researching and reaching out to salespeople, your prospects will have multiple touch points with your business. To succeed, you need to provide your prospects with the content they crave and to empower your salespeople with additional content, sales playbooks and insight into prospect behaviour.


What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is the practice of aligning teams, technology and processes within sales and marketing departments to empower salespeople and bring sales and marketing closer together. The aim is to help shorten sales cycles, increase efficiency and make incremental improvements to conversion rates.

Any  business likely has a sales and marketing process that contains conversion points such as:

  • cold prospect - lead
  • lead - meeting
  • meeting - opportunity
  • opportunity - sale.

By enabling salespeople and aligning sales and marketing teams, tech and  manufacturing businesses can make incremental improvements to each stage of this funnel. Imagine the effects of just increasing the number of meetings that turn into opportunities by 10%. Or the effect that closing 5% more deals would have on your business' bottom line.

At Intergage, we have developed a consultancy service to guide manufacturers through the sales enablement process. This means you get the benefit of working with an experienced partner with manufacturing expertise who can provide an outside-in perspective.

The sales enablement consultancy service starts with a half-day workshop where we'll extract the information needed to align your teams and provide you with a sales enablement blueprint. It'll cover:

  • A sales and marketing self-assessment
  • Building a lead qualification framework
  • Creating a service level agreement
  • Building your sales pipeline
  • How to conduct a killer smarketing meeting.

Off the back of this workshop, your dedicated marketing expert will create a bespoke sales enablement plan for you to implement.

Sales playbook - Let's make selling easier

As an additional project, we will go one step further and create a full sales playbook for your team. This will act as the bible of your sales process and will include templates, best practices and strategies for different stages of your sales process.

This document will form a key part of your internal sales training, will help your team remain productive and make it easier to scale your sales team as and when the time comes.


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