We help ambitious manufacturing businesses build websites with purpose. Websites that make a real difference to your business.

We focus on your pain points and objectives to achieve success – be this to increase conversion rates, improve mobile usability or provide you with a system that works for you.

You need to know that your website partner understands the issues you’re facing with your current site – and can meet your objectives for a new one.

You need a partner that will challenge you and use their experience to get the best results for your business including:

  • increased conversion rates
  • boosted search rankings
  • slick design
  • seamless integration with other systems
  • improved load speeds.

You need an informed approach

No builder would quote for a house build without an architect’s drawing, proper specifications, a quantity surveyor’s report and a project plan.

Yet too often, agencies leap in and provide a quotation without: understanding your challenges well enough, taking the time to check the available data properly, carefully considering your objectives and agreeing a detailed specification for the project

Without an agreed, detailed specification creating a website project can be painful…

The five-step website redesign process

Our five-step website re-design process puts strategy first. Every time. It’s a proven solution for manufacturing businesses and is made up of:

1. Discovery & Analysis

We establish the facts about your existing website and its performance. It’s important to understand what currently works (and what doesn’t) before drawing a line in the sand and making plans to improve upon that performance.

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2. Strategy, Structure & Functionality

Starting with a sales messaging workshop, we reveal the real needs and desires of your customers in order to make your website magnetic to them. This information is then used to plan and model your new website ready for you to review before build starts.

3. Content & Design

Together, we will evaluate your existing content and assess whether this content is sufficient for your new site. This will identify any gaps and allow us to create a list of assets to be used as building blocks for your site.

Then, we move onto the exciting bit! Our designers get to work on building a beautiful site that makes you magnetic to your prospects. Remember, strategy always comes before design!


4. Build, Test & Launch

The architect signs off on the completed site to confirm it was built to plan. The site is subjected to final checks and if budgets allow, a test audience is employed to provide independent usability feedback.

Google analytics, search console and third-party tools such as chatbots, forms and integrations are also tested on the live site.

Intergage Marketing Engineers runs a series of 25 go-live tests to make sure that the new, live site is working as designed.

5. Review & Planning

A website should be considered as an ‘organic entity’ that needs to be nurtured, fed with great content and monitored to ensure that it is healthy and performs well for your business. We’ll work with you to develop a next-steps plan for your website to ensure it meets your objectives.


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