The challenge

Leading Dorset law firm Coles Miller is one of the most recognised in its marketplace, providing expert legal advice across a wide range of areas.

The firm helps clients in Dorset, Hampshire and across the UK. Key specialisms include personal injury and medical negligence – for which the firm is listed in the Legal 500 guide to Britain’s best lawyers.

Since May 2013 Coles Miller has enjoyed a huge upsurge in online enquiries after tasking Intergage with transforming its website and digital marketing. Results were consistently improved including doubling number of enquiries.

However, recent updates to the Google algorithm and changes in website visitor behaviour posed potential threats that could undermine Coles Miller’s steep digital growth curve.

More and more website visitors were choosing mobile rather laptop as their preferred device. Coles Miller’s website had gone ‘responsive’ to accommodate this…but more work was still needed.

The solution

Intergage recommended a strategic review of Coles Miller’s website to:

1. further improve the user experience – especially for mobile users (simply going responsive and scaling the website to the user’s screen size is not enough)

2. add new pages and updating existing pages to provide more detailed information about people’s legal rights

3. structure content in a way that makes it easy for users to find with an aim to increase online enquiries.

The journey

Collaborating with the team

Developing a collaborative and transparent relationship with the Coles Miller’s internal marketing team was key to building a successful strategy. In order to have closed-loop reporting, Intergage relies on regular feedback from Coles Miller for things such as lead quality and sales information.

In order to fully understand the needs and requirements of Coles Miller’s customers, Intergage also needed to build a solid relationship with the specialist solicitors themselves. This relationship would be a foundation to creating accurate and relevant content.

Improve UX

Intergage’s development team carried out a series of ‘mobile-first’ usability enhancements to make the website easier to browse on smartphones and tablets with an aim to:

  • decluttering the design
  • reduce the number of clicks required to make an enquiry
  • make it easier for visitors to phone specialist solicitors.

Our front end developers also made the website system easier to use meaning time and costs were saved when editing the site while simultaneously making it quicker to respond to opportunities.

Build better organic search

Intergage’s digital marketing copywriters carried out a series of content/inbound marketing campaigns to further boost organic traffic and conversions.

This relied on having close relationships with each department to understand each subject matter in depth. All content is written and tailored to the specific needs of the audience and revolves around working closely with specialist solicitors and Coles Miller’s internal marketing team.

Our team edited the copy on various pages using SEO best practices to make them more findable on Google and to provide more information to users, allowing them to self-educate.

All this work tied in with Coles Miller’s review of its:

  • telecoms – the firm introduced one easy-to-remember website-only phone number, superseding five previous website-only phone numbers (one for each office)
  • offline marketing activities – such as event sponsorships, press ads, radio ads and bus ads.

The results


ROI from digital marketing


increase in enquiries


increase in goal conversions

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