The challenge

DDC Dolphin is a UK manufacturing company that safeguards vulnerable people against infectious diseases. Its sluice room machinery can be found in hospitals and care homes all over the world.

The company had long since outgrown its website and its marketing collateral no longer reflected the international, market-leading business it had become. DDC Dolphin needed to upgrade their online image in order to grow in an incredibly competitive yet niche marketplace.

Few new visitors were coming to its website. Lead quality was disappointing, many enquiries were simply spam meaning the overall conversion rate was poor. This – combined with an ‘old school’ sales process and long sales cycles meant customer acquisition and retention was expensive.

The solution

Working collaboratively with the sales and marketing teams, Intergage got under the skin of DDC Dolphin as a business and identified three main objectives:

  1. Understand the target market – identifying where their buyers hang out online and created content to put DDC Dolphin on their radar.
  2. Develop a content strategy – create relevant and timely content to position DDC Dolphin as an expert in its field and as a thought leader. DDC Dolphin expects to improve lead quality by educating prospects better.
  3. Better reflect DDC Dolphin as an international, market-leading business – improve online and offline marketing collateral and build an industry-leading website.

The journey

Developing in-depth personas

We worked closely with DDC Dolphin to understand and create eight detailed personas which now form the foundations for all marketing activity and campaigns. Understanding how and where to communicate with these diverse decision makers and influencers was key and something every marketing campaign has relied on since.

Conduct keyword research

Once we had nailed the personas, we built a list of targeted keywords around the typical language of the target personas. This gave us the opportunity to create a content plan that would educate the market and allow the website to appear for relevant search terms.

Boosting the brand

With a solid understanding of the personas and their search intent, we turned to building a brand-new website.

DDC Dolphin’s old site had been suffering from security issues, poor SEO and an outdated brand image. The company turned to the Intergage CMS to provide it with a stable and secure platform on which to build its futureproof site.  

Using the Inbound methodology, we built a site focused on attracting traffic from DDC Dolphin’s various target personas – we provided helpful content to educate and nurture prospects towards buying DDC Dolphin various products and services.

The website now better reflects the company’s size, authority and standing in the marketplace It will continue to act as the central hub for DDC Dolphin’s marketing activities.

Building the marketing strategy

With a high-performing and search engine optimised website live, we set out the strategy to drive even more visitors to the site.

Due to the low search volume of many of the identified keywords, we needed to identify opportunities to promote the brand to the target audience. We used DDC Dolphin’s existing database to send tailored email content to each persona that were already aware of the brand, while also using Google and LinkedIn advertising, blog content, and editorials to attract new audiences.

The results


increase in page views, demonstrating improved user journeys


increase in organic search traffic


better-quality leads

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