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HubSpot Product Updates From Inbound 2022

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The team at Intergage recently attended HubSpot’s annual INBOUND event – a conference bringing together some of the world’s most influential leaders in marketing, sales, customer experience and operations.

A huge benefit of being a HubSpot Solutions Partner and attending INBOUND is that we get access to the massive number of HubSpot product updates before anyone else – and we want to share them with you!

This year, HubSpot has made significant progress to help businesses become better connected in a world where staff, customers and stakeholders are more detached than ever - through the rise in hybrid working, remote teams and reliance on technology. In HubSpot’s own words, we are in a ‘crisis of disconnection’.

Take a look at our summary of HubSpot’s latest updates here:

Data management & quality improvements

CMS hub updates

CRM hub updates

Marketing hub updates

Sales & service hub updates

Operations hub updates

Commerce updates


Data management & quality improvements

Import error handling

The import tool now flags and fixes data errors before being published to the CRM. This significantly reduces the manual cleansing activity that often takes place when importing large datasets, so can stop bad data before it starts!

🟢 Live now – available to all operations hub customers.


Data model overview

Within the settings of your HubSpot portal, you can now see an entity relationship diagram of the data within your portal. This allows you to gain a full understanding of how objects and properties are associated and related to one another. Essentially, you’ll get an automatic diagram of all the data in your CRM! This is key to understanding how the data in your CRM works together and what improvements can be made to ensure your data is in the right place to meet your business objectives.


🟡 In public beta – available to all operations hub customers.


Custom object builder

Hallelujah! HubSpot’s new custom object builder means you can now create custom objects without the need for code knowledge! This means non-developers have more freedom to customise their database so it’s more in-line with their business infrastructure.

🟡 In public beta – available to all enterprise customers.


Data quality command centre

Large databases can easily become unruly if they’re left to fester. HubSpot’s new data quality command centre helps keep track of your data health and makes you more proactive when it comes to data cleansing. The tool provides you with an at-a-glance insight into your data health and which data needs attention – all from a single dashboard!

For more support on data hygiene – take a look at our HubSpot data hygiene guide!

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🟡 In public beta – available to professional and enterprise operations hub customers.


Automated data quality recommendations

This feature works with the data quality command centre and uses artificial intelligence to scan your database looking for issues, before using automation to fix them. This new feature will save HubSpot admins a huge amount of time and effort!

🟡 In public beta – available to professional and enterprise operations hub customers.


CMS hub updates

Free CMS tools

HubSpot is now lowering the barrier (again) to creating impactful, memorable websites with its free CMS tools. Businesses can now build professional websites without the need of a developer or big budgets. Find out more about HubSpot’s free CMS tools here.

🟢 Live now – available to all HubSpot CMS customers.


CRM hub updates

New activity types

You can now capture all of your customer touchpoints within HubSpot’s CRM. New activity types include SMS, LinkedIn messages, WhatsApp and physical mail. You can also configure and customise which activity buttons appear in the record highlight card.


🟡 In beta - available to all HubSpot users.


Record right sidebar configuration

You can now customise the right and left sidebar of all objects. Conditional logic can also be used to only show relevant cards to different teams.

🟢 Live now – available to all professional tier customers.


Board card customisation

Getting an at-a-glance view of your deals and the companies you have in the pipeline is crucial. That’s why HubSpot now allows admins to select up to four properties to display on board cards for deals, tickets and custom objects.

🟢 Live now – available to all free+ customers for default board properties and all pro+ customers for different properties by pipeline.


Marketing hub updates

WhatsApp integration

You can now connect your business WhatsApp account to your HubSpot inbox, providing another instant method of communication for your clients and prospects on a platform that they’re familiar with. Conversations will be visible on the contact record meaning you can still maintain your single source of truth.


🟡 In private beta – available to marketing and service hub professional and enterprise customers.


Customer journey analytics

Marketers can now visualise the end-to-end customer journey within a simple report. This allows marketers to get valuable insights into the different touchpoints that lead to conversions across channels.

🟡 In private beta – available to marketing hub professional and enterprise customers.

Ad conversion events

You can now use ad conversion events to power targeted online advertising. In the coming cookieless online world, marketers will be able to access first-party data allowing you to target, report and optimise ads without the use of a cookie.

🟢 Live now – available to marketing hub professional and enterprise customers.


Marketing campaign improvements

A number of improvements have been made to the existing campaigns tool for marketing hub professional and enterprise users. These include:

  • Collaboration tools allowing users to use comment threads to work on campaigns together, remotely.
  • Better insights into revenue and deal attribution from within campaigns.
  • The functionality to compare the performance of multiple campaigns.
  • Including forms as an asset associated to a campaign.


🟢 Live now – available to marketing hub professional and enterprise customers.

Sales & service hub updates

Custom goals

Set, track and manage goals that are unique to your business with HubSpot’s custom goals feature. This intuitive feature means you have complete control over which goals you’re tracking. The progress bar also automatically keeps goals updated if changes are made to targets.

🟡 In public beta – available to sales and service hub enterprise customers.


Inbound calling

With an aim to make people better connected, HubSpot has created the functionality to allow customers to reach you with inbound calls. Salespeople can be provided with a unique phone number to make and receive calls directly to/from their personal phones without exposing their personal number.

🟢 Live now in US, UK and Canada – available to sales and service hub starter, professional and enterprise customers.


Operations hub updates

CRM card builder

Developers can now create new CRM cards to make it easier for CRM users to do their jobs. These CRM cards can also be used on custom objects or display custom object data over other records.

🟡 In public beta – available to sales and service hub enterprise customers.

Product Sync

HubSpot’s new product sync tool reduces complexity, allowing you to connect your product library to HubSpot bidirectionally. Previously, this was only available with Shopify and Quickbooks but is now available with more than 20 third-party apps.

🟢 Live now – available to all operations hub users.


Data sync health improvements

You can now keep on top of your synced integrations and apps in the new sync health tab. This shows which integrations are in sync, excluded from sync or failing to sync. This means users can be more proactive with their sync health instead of finding issues when they’re already causing problems for your team.

🟢 Live now – available to all operations hub users.


Commerce updates

Payment schedules

When using HubSpot quotes, you can now create a number of payment schedule types, meaning you can allow your clients to pay in a series of instalments instead of one large payment. Payment instalments can also be given their own due date, amount and name.

🟢 Live now – available for free with quotes and deals for all hubs. Not currently available with HubSpot payments.

Payments in meetings, forms and emails

Payments are now connected to HubSpot meetings, forms and emails meaning you can now collect payments across a number of different communications types, making the process seamless and easy for customers.

🟢 Live now – available to US starter+ customers who are enrolled in HubSpot payments.


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Alex Elborn

Alex Elborn

Alex is part of the senior management team and is responsible for running Intergage's own marketing. She develops and manages the marketing strategy and budget to connect with businesses in the manufacturing sector. Alex is also a HubSpot expert and has been using the software for clients and Intergage for more than five years.