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What Is An Inbound Marketing Certification?

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For anyone who is looking to get an Inbound Marketing Certification there is only one place to start and that is HubSpot. The term ‘Inbound Marketing’ was coined by HubSpot CEO, Brian Halligan and is closely tied to the concept of Permission Marketing, Seth Godin’s book published in 1999.

There are many other Inbound marketing software platforms, such as Pardot, Marketo, Infusionsoft or Eloqua, but from our experience, HubSpot has the best training scheme by far.

The Format of the Inbound Marketing Certification

HubSpot has done a great job of putting together a neat series of videos that explain what the Inbound certification is all about. And as you work your way through the videos your training and certification centre will reflect how far through watching the videos you have reached:


The videos are nicely laid out and give you the option (if you need it) of speeding up the presentation. This means that you can chew your way through the training at 110%, 120% or even 150% of the normal speed – as long as you can take it in at that rate!


As you step through the various videos (there are 36 of them for the Inbound Certification) there are some useful resources to help you. The best of which is the “Quiz yourself on this class” button which gives you an idea of the sorts of questions that will come up in the exam.

Your Inbound Marketing certification is just the beginning. Once you have the basics under your belt, there are another eleven courses to get to grips with.

Beyond Inbound Marketing Certification

Depending on your role within your organisation you can follow various training paths. Here’s the Marketing training from HubSpot as seen from my login:


As you can see I passed the Inbound Certification in March 2016 so its valid for a year until April 2017. (UPDATE: Great news! HubSpot have extended the validity of their certifications to 2 years!).

I have also passed the HubSpot Marketing Software exam in October ’16 with 82% (pass mark is 75%) but I still need to submit the practical side to this exam (or the practicum as HubSpot like to call it). And you can also see that I have started studying for the Email Marketing exam.

There is also a Sales training scheme which includes these exams:


If you are more involved in the design side of your marketing there are two exams just for you:


There are also HubSpot Partner exams:


So, that’s another eleven exams to take, should you want to.

Where Else Can You Get Help?

That is a lot of learning and much of it is quite specific. If you are considering an Inbound approach to your Marketing it would be wise to find an agency partner that has been through the onboarding with HubSpot, and has taken these exams across the team.

That is our goal at Intergage. We have almost completed onboarding with HubSpot and will have at least one person who has passed each of these exams by June 2017. Currently we have 25 people who are Inbound certified, 21 people Inbound Sales certified and we are working on the email Marketing.

If you just want to get yourself a useful certification and understand Inbound Marketing better, then hop on over to HubSpot and sign up for the training – it’s free.

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