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Powered by technology, we’re your manufacturing marketing experts. A flexible, in-house team with 20+ years' experience ready to make a real difference to your business.

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Without a strategy and plan, your marketing will be a series of random, uncoordinated explosions of wasteful activity. Let us help you make it a planned series of harmonious, orchestrated activities tuned to meet your objectives.


The success of your digital marketing isn't measured through likes and shares, but what it brings to your bottom line. Our focus is to demonstrate that you get a return for every pound you spend. Simple.


You can’t improve your marketing performance if you don’t know what’s wrong in the first place.
Let us review your current digital performance to identify how you can best meet your digital marketing goals.

Solutions Prescribed For Your Marketing Challenges

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Why Manufacturers Work With Us


Unlike other agencies, we have a relentless focus on providing you with the best possible return on your marketing investment.

Forget about followers, likes and shares. You need a real return to your bottom line.

Learn how we help manufacturers hit their goals. Fast.

Working with Intergage has been pivotal to our digital marketing success. The team have truly made the effort to understand us as a business and shine light on the areas of our marketing that we haven’t looked at in detail before. 

There really is no question that using a professional, dedicated marketing agency like yourselves completely pays off!

Anna-Marie Mullins, Marketing Manager at Clamason Industries

Intergage has really helped us bring our propositions to life. Their support has uncovered things about our propositions that I wasn’t aware of. It’s been a really great learning experience! This, coupled with the fact that they’re a genuinely friendly and passionate team, makes Intergage a joy to work with.


Coral Banks, Senior Marketing Manager at RS Components

100% Manufacturing Focused

Intergage is the official publisher of The Marketing In Manufacturing Report, taking the temperature on the industry's attitudes towards marketing. Unlock exclusive insights and download your free copy here.

You'll learn:

  • Which marketing activities have proven most successful
  • How much other manufacturing businesses are investing in marketing
  • Which objectives and marketing KPIs you should be monitoring.
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