When your ideal prospects decide to buy, be the only option in mind.

We provide tech and manufacturing companies with the joined-up strategy, tools and resources to win better business.

If you're fed-up of churning out meaningless lead generation campaigns and want to build lasting relationships with your customers and prospects, you're in the right place.


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Improve the numbers that matter.
Not the numbers that flatter.

We’re here to help your team deliver results, not just reports. Build sustained focus and momentum in areas that transform your bottom line and help you win better business.

We'll help you:

  • avoid ‘vanity insanity’
  • get a firm grip on the ROI of your marketing spend
  • make decisions based on the data, not ‘vibes’.
increase in website conversions.
increase in organic traffic
increase in ROI

Why tech and manufacturing leaders choose Intergage

We implement systematic strategies for winning better business by thinking beyond lead generation

Learn how we help manufacturing and tech leaders hit their goals. Fast.

"Working with Intergage has been pivotal to our digital marketing success. The team have truly made the effort to understand us as a business and shine light on the areas of our marketing that we haven’t looked at in detail before. There really is no question that using a professional, dedicated marketing agency like yourselves completely pays off!"
Anna-Marie Mullins
Marketing Manager, Clamason Industries

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When prospects decide to buy, be the only option in mind.

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