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Crafting Content for Buying Jobs: A Guide to Interactive Content

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Content marketing is increasingly popular. Most businesses’ websites contain case studies, blog posts, and whitepapers. This isn’t because everyone’s chosen to become creatives; rather, it’s a frank acceptance of the importance of personalisation in B2B sales.

Now, we can’t just throw several thousand short videos at the wall in the hope they stick—your content needs to speak to the personas on the buying committee and engage with them. That’s where interactive content comes in: your buyers can feel, hear, and see what your company does, rather than just reading it.

The power of personalisation

Picture this: You're about to embark on a grand adventure, but your map is one-size-fits-all. It offers general information, but as you traverse the landscape, you realise it doesn't cater to your specific needs. In fact, it’s actually for the next country over. Frustrating, right?

Now imagine your B2B buyer's journey as that grand adventure, with each committee member playing a unique role. Content that fails to acknowledge these distinctions is akin to that generic map—it falls flat.

Personalising content for different buying jobs is your compass. It's the key to delivering experiences that resonate, engage, and, ultimately, convert. In the manufacturing and tech sectors, where the stakes are high and the challenges complex, understanding the nuances of buying jobs is paramount.

Here’s how we can build content that speaks to the different jobs your buyer has to do.

Crafting content for problem identifiers

Meet the Problem Identifier—a diligent soul with a knack for spotting issues and bottlenecks within their organisation. They're the initiators of change, and often the driving force behind the quest for solutions. To captivate these discerning individuals, your content must speak their language.

  1. Empathetic Storytelling: Begin by addressing the pain points. Share stories of organisations that faced similar challenges and emerged triumphant after implementing your solutions. This resonates with Problem Identifiers on a personal level, as they identify with the struggle and the triumph.
  2. Data-Driven Insights: Problem Identifiers thrive on data. Offer them valuable reports, case studies, or infographics that provide a comprehensive view of the issue at hand. Equip them with the insights they need to champion change within their organisation.

Engaging the solution choosers

Solution Choosers are the analytical thinkers, meticulously evaluating potential remedies to the identified problems. They crave in-depth information, a clear understanding of the available options, and the confidence to make informed decisions.

  1. Comparative Content: For Solution Choosers, content that compares various solutions is their bread and butter. Create detailed product comparisons, feature breakdowns, or ROI calculators. They need to see how your solution measures up against the competition.
  2. Educational Webinars: Hosting webinars that delve into the technical aspects of your offerings allows Solution Choosers to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. Consider live demonstrations or interactive sessions to answer their specific queries.

Nurturing the champion influencers

Champion Influencers are the linchpins of the buying committee. They possess the unique ability to rally support, bridge gaps, and drive consensus between members of the buying committee. To win them over, your content must focus on building trust and offering support.

  1. Case Studies with Impact: Share success stories from clients who have achieved remarkable results with your products or solutions. These narratives instil confidence in Champion Influencers, showing them that your partnership can yield exceptional outcomes.
  2. Thought Leadership Content: Elevate your credibility by creating thought-provoking content. Whitepapers, e-books, or articles that address industry trends and future insights position you as a trusted advisor, aligning with the long-term vision of Champion Influencers.

Personalisation: A blend of emotion and functionality

In the manufacturing and tech sectors, B2B purchases often involve a mix of emotional and functional considerations. Your content should strike a balance between addressing these aspects:

  1. Emotional Connection: Create content that resonates emotionally with the committee members. Use storytelling techniques that humanise your brand and make it relatable. Highlight your company's values and commitment to addressing the challenges faced by your customers.
  2. Functional Clarity: At the same time, ensure your content provides functional clarity. Buyers need to understand the practical implications and benefits of your solutions. This can be achieved through product demonstrations, technical specifications, and expert analysis.

Real-life success stories

This is all good in theory, but it’s important to see how these concepts have worked in the real world. Here’s some personalised content that hit the mark:

  1. IBM's "Watson" Webinar Series: IBM understands the diverse roles within their buying committees. Their reaction was to create a webinar series that featured different episodes catering to Problem Identifiers, Solution Choosers, and Champion Influencers. Each episode focused on the unique concerns and needs of the respective roles, and how IBM’s products could solve them.
  2. Siemens' Customer NX Success Videos: Siemens chose, instead of hosting webinars, to focus on the power of customer success stories. They produced video testimonials that showcase the journey of clients who had overcome intricate challenges with Siemens' solutions. These videos are emotionally compelling and functionally enlightening, catering to both aspects of buyer decision-making.

In the end, crafting content for buying jobs is time consuming, but worth it—if you’re careful to balance the personal and the professional. Like traditional face-to-face selling, it comes down to your understanding of your audience’s multifaceted nature, and how you might tailor your content to meet their unique needs.

Find out full guide to buyer enablement here.

Becky Nicholls

Becky Nicholls

One of Intergage's Marketing Assistants, Becky uses HubSpot and AI everyday to help create compelling and educational content for iME's blog and social media channels, as well as producing the Leaders in STEM podcast. They're also a big fan of the Oxford comma.