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Adopting Marketing Automation

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Intergage is about to adopt another Marketing Automation technology. And we’re very serious about it. Anyone who has heard of the technology adoption lifecycle will be familiar with the Technology Adoption graph. 


Marketing Automation as a technology has definitely crossed the Early Adopters’ chasm and is in the Early Majority phase.

More and more small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are looking at Inbound Marketing to see how it can benefit them. Many of them are experiencing the pain of trying to manage several different marketing technologies.

What's the Appeal? 

What they are looking for is a better way to manage things all from one platform and for their marketing to deliver qualified leads into their businesses.

This is what Marketing Automation Technology could bring to your organisation:

  • Lead scoring – identify and score the most engaged visitors to your website
  • Lead nurturing – automatically look after your prospects over time by feeding them helpful and educational content
  • Behavioural based email tracking – make lists based on your customers’ responses
  • Workflows - engaging with prospects at critical times
  • Identifying anonymous visitors to the website
  • Constructing powerful landing pages to build your sales funnels

As you might imagine, there are several platforms out there that can provide that technology. So, over the past few months, the Intergage team has been researching the best of them.

Intergage is already SharpSpring Silver accredited, which means we have four in-house accredited people. But now we are getting in shape for our latest adoption, and the market leader: HubSpot.

HubSpot has a really thorough on-boarding process. Adopting their Inbound methodology is about so much more than the technology. We will share more of our findings with you as we adapt our marketing to align it with Inbound best practices.

Just like with a real adoption, sometimes you have to make a few changes around the house. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Adapting to Change

We have a team of 27 full-time Intergagers and all of us are  HubSpot “Inbound Certified” – yes, even the finance team!

More and more SMEs need inbound marketing to stay ahead of their competition, we want to be in a place where you can get help and advice on best practice and, indeed, the best products.

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